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RVs and Tents -
Not On Premises

Unfortunately, we have no facilities for RVs or tents, but campgrounds and motels are located nearby. The nearest campground, which is approximately 10 minutes drive from Rock Lodge, is:
Mahlon Dickerson Reservation


Rock Lodge does not have a snack bar, restaurant or other food concession. Visitors should bring their own food and make use of our full kitchen and barbeques for cooking and preparation. We have a large refigerator and freezer for your use.

There are stores, delicatessens, and restaurants nearby.


Hardyston Township has very specific guidelines regarding what and how to recycle. When you visit our club, please follow these guidelines and help us respect our beautiful environment.

Recycling Guidelines.

The following rules apply for all pets brought to Rock Lodge:

Only pets accompanying individuals having accommodations are permitted to be on club grounds. This requirement is waived for certified service animals, but owners must provide certification documents upon arrival.

Before any dog or cat is brought onto Club grounds, documentation of a valid and up-to-date inoculation for rabies must be provided by the owner to the Club, to be kept on file.

Dogs are prohibited from entering upon the sand at Sandy Beach at any time during weekends and holidays and from swimming or wading in the lake, except in the area adjacent to the spillway and under their owners' supervision.

Dogs must be on leashes and under their owners' supervision at all times except when in some manner confined to owners' areas, in the yard area immediately adjacent to the Stone House but in no case more than 50 feet from the building, or while swimming under the provisions consistent with #3 above.

When a dog is walked, the owner will be responsible for the prompt removal and sanitary disposal of the dog's leavings.

Dog owners are expressly prohibited from allowing their dogs to disturb the peace and quiet of the community at any time.

Cats must be on a leash between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM during weekends and holidays except when in some manner confined to owners' areas or in the yard area immediately adjacent to the Stone House, but in no case more than 50 feet from the building. If cats are allowed to wander freely about the Club grounds at other times they must wear a bell.

Pet owners are expected to take all precautions to make sure their pets are free from fleas before bringing the pets onto Club grounds.

Any pet owner whose pet violates these rules will receive one (1) warning, which the Board of Trustees will record. Upon the second violation, a fine of Twenty-five dollars ($25) will be levied on the pet owner by the Board of Trustees. Upon the third violation, the pet owner will be prohibited from bringing that pet onto the Club grounds for the remainder of that season.

May 2010.     RLC Board of Trustees

Rock Lodge Club Board of Trustees
Offical Policy Regarduing Body Jewelry:

"In a family-oriented nudist setting, Rock Lodge Club considers genital jewelry to be inappropriate. All other body jewelry should be small, inconspicuous and understated. Any jewelry that attracts a lot of attention is not welcome. The Board of Trustees and Membership Committee reserve the right to enforce this ruling for members, their guests and visitors."


There are many good stores, delis, and restaurants within a short drive of Rocklodge.

Five minutes away, on Route 23 (heading North

Ten minutes away, the Ridge Plaza Shopping Center on Berkshire Valley/White Oak Road (Rt. 699) near Ridge Road

At the same intersection

RECYCABLE MATERIALS: (Rinse all aluminum, tin and bi-metal cans, glass, plastic bottles and jugs.)


DO recycle food and beverage cans only
DON'T remove labels from cans
DON'T recycle paint, chemical or spray cans


DO remove neck rings and caps and dispose of these in trash
DON'T remove labels
DON'T recycle flat glass, mirrors, light bulbs, blue glass, ceramics or windows


DO recycle bottles with a Number 1 in the recycle symbol & the letters PETE on the bottom
DO remove metal neck rings and dispose of these in trash
DON'T recycle PETE jars


DO recycle only milk, juice, cider, water, laundry & dish detergent, bleach, and shampoo bottles/jugs with a Number 2 in the recycle symbol and the letters HDPE on the bottom
DON'T recycle HDPE jars
DON'T recycle motor oil and antifreeze bottles and jugs


DO cross-tie in stacks no more than 1-foot high
DON'T put newspapers in paper or plastic bags; they WILL NOT be taken


DO cross-tie magazines and mixed paper with string in stacks no more than 1 foot high
DO recycle junk mail, manila file folders, copier paper, FAX paper, mixed office paper, catalogs, soft covered workbooks, paperback books, white and yellow writing paper, carbonless paper, construction paper, without glue or sparkles, index cards, gift wrapping paper, phone books and hand bound books with cover removed.
DON'T use rope or plastic to tie bundles
DON'T put magazines and mixed paper in paper or plastic bags; they WILL NOT be taken
DON'T include cardboard, newsprint, brown bags, carbon paper, accordion files or booklets with plastic rings with the magazines and mixed paper.


DO flatten cardboard boxes; un-flattened boxes WILL NOT be taken
DO recycle only corrugated cardboard
DO recycle Kraft bags and cardboard and cross-tie them


DON'T set out automotive batteries for pick-up


DON'T set out electronics for recycling or bulky waste; there will be a special pick-up day to be announced

UNUSED MOTOR OIL, FILTERS, AND ANTIFREEZE will not be picked up at curbside. These may be brought to SCUMA Recycling Center.