Rock Lodge Celebrates Women!

Welcome to the World of Women and Social Nudism!

Rock Lodge Club invites you to visit and relax in a most natural way.

Social nudism offers you the opportunities to feel good about yourself and offers release from the pressures of daily life giving you total relaxation. Feel freedom in your own skin while enjoying a day of "forest bathing." You will find no pressure and you can experience nudism at your own pace. At Rock Lodge Club, the only requirement for nudity is in the lake, hot tub or sauna.

At Rock Lodge Club, a private member-owned co-operative nudist club located on 145 acres, you will feel free and safe at the same time. You will find the members both understanding and accommodating.

Amenities at Rock Lodge include a pristine spring-fed lake for swimming, fishing, nature trails for hiking, beach areas for relaxing, sauna, hot tub, tennis, volleyball, lots of flora and fauna, gardening and more.

Enjoy a day of self acceptance and total relaxation no matter what your age, occupation or physical condition. For those of you who have skinny-dipped you will once again experience the luxurious feeling of freedom and innocence. Rather then go to a salon, it is also a much more natural way to obtain that all-over tan.


Q: What if I have children? Can I bring them?

A: Children are always welcome and they are natural nudists. Naturist children know what people look like as they grow up seeing people of all body types and body changes. For young children we offer a sand beach, lake for swimming, and playground. Older children first experiencing nudism usually take to it with a minimum of adjustment especially once they make friends with the other children. There are 145 acres to freely explore.

Q: Will I be embarrassed by my surgical scars and stretch marks?

A: Absolutely not. Your personality will be noticed more than any marks or scars. Many women have some indication of surgery; these scars and marks make no difference at all.

Q: My figure is less than perfect. Will I feel out of place?

A: You will find that people of all ages, shapes and sizes visit nudist places and body acceptance is the key. Most women do not look like those you will find in fashion magazines.

Q: What about periods or menstruation?

A: This is a normal body function. Most women will use tampons and some will opt to wear shorts. Nudity is required in the lake and the use of tampons in the water is acceptable.

Q: Will my picture be taken?

A: Photography is very closely controlled. Cell phone usage is restricted to certain areas. No photography is permitted without consent. Children may not be photographed without their permission and that of the parents.

Q: Do men become visibly aroused during their visit to a nudist place?

A: Although this is a personal situation, nudist places are not sexually stimulating. Many men fear this problem but instances of erections are extremely rare. If it were to happen they are usually embarrassed and will cover themselves with a towel.

Q: Will I be subject to any publicity?

A: Absolutely not. Your visit and name including personal information is kept confidential unless you choose to tell others yourself.

Q: What if I meet my neighbor or co-worker?

A: Think about it. You are both in the same environment and now you have made a new friend who enjoys what you enjoy.

Q: Will my partner be improperly approached at a nudist place?

A: No! This is not tolerated and, if it were to occur, you would notify someone and the situation would be addressed immediately.

Q: I am married but my partner does not wish to accompany me.

A: Rock Lodge welcomes all regardless of race, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disabling condition.

Q: Is nudism a religious cult!

A: Not at all. You will find all faiths and humanists represented at a nudist club.

Q: What should I bring, what is the cost, can I stay overnight?

A: The answers to these and other questions can be found on our website under the How To Visit, FAQ's, Rates and Accommodations pages.

Why not give it a try!

We are confident that once you get beyond that initial, sometimes apprehensive step, you are going to think to yourself "What took me so long!


Phone: 973-697-9721 (If you prefer to speak to a woman you can do that too!)