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Q. We are new to this - do we have to take our clothes off right away?

A. No. Rock Lodge is the perfect place for people who are new to social nudism. Everyone had a "first-time," and each person gets comfortable at his or her own pace. No one will pressure you to take your clothes off during your first several visits. Members dress - or not - depending on the weather and what is comfortable for them. Nudity is required, however, to use the lake, the sauna, and the hot tub.
Many first-timers ease into nudity by wearing a long t-shirt, or a sarong-type garment when not in the water. Or by wearing a towel. People tend to overcome their concerns when they discover that, among nudists, there is every type of body, and no one stares.

Q. What do people like about nude recreation or social nudity?

A. Nude recreation is the opportunity to embrace life in the most natural way, often in a beautiful outdoor setting. It feels good to be naked; to have the warm sun, soft breeze, and cool water on your whole body. Without clothes, social class distinctions disappear and we are all accepted regardless of physical size, shape, or body condition. Nudists enjoy the freedom of being clothes-free in appropriate settings, and the right to choose to wear clothes for comfort and practicality.

Q. How can I get my spouse/partner more comfortable about trying it?

A. First, by acknowledging that having reservations about being nude in a social setting is normal. And by reassuring a person coming to Rock Lodge for the first time that, because they are not required to take off their clothes immediately, they have an opportunity to observe our lack of pressure and scrutiny. Permission to feel comfortable in your own skin is one of the great benefits of social nudity.

Q. What is the social atmosphere like at Rock Lodge?

A. Rock Lodge Club maintains normal standards of social behavior in a wholesome, family-friendly environment. The atmosphere is relaxed, and members and visitors are free to join in activities, or not. Everyone should feel comfortable, and behavior requiring an apology is not tolerated.

Q. Does the club allow singles?

A. Yes.

Q. What happens if a man gets an erection?

A. Almost never happens. Family-oriented nudist clubs are far less sexual than clothed places where bikinis, thongs, and provocative clothing are worn. Since social nudism is based on body acceptance, tolerance would be the general reaction (except, of course, if it is accompanied by intentional, unacceptable, sexual behavior). And, in the unlikely event an erection occurs, a man can cover himself with a towel.

Q. Are tattoos allowed?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you allow body jewelry?

A. At present, genital jewelry is not allowed. Prior to arrival at Rock Lodge, please ensure that any genital jewelry is removed. Other body jewelry should be small, inconspicuous and understated. Read our official policy regarding body jewelry.

Q. What is your policy regarding smoking?

A. Throughout its history, naturism has always emphasized a healthy and safe lifestyle. In keeping with that principle, we have instituted a policy that restricts smoking on our property. Smoking is permitted only in the main parking lot (where a picnic table is provided for your convenience), on the south end of the dam in the designated smoking area near the bridge, and inside private cabins with the owners' permission. Vaping is allowed in all areas.

Q. Is there a restaurant on the grounds?

A. Rock Lodge does not operate a restaurant or snack bar. There are stores, delicatessens, and restaurants nearby. Visitors are invited to use the club's fully equipped kitchen (including refrigerator) and several large outdoor grills. On hot days, cold, bottled water and soft drinks are often available at the beach for a small charge. Picnic tables and an indoor eating area are available. Check our calendar for party dinners (small charge) and free, bring-a-dish suppers during the season; and on most Sunday afternoons, there is an open-to-everyone "Coffee Klatch" where refreshments are served.

Q. Is there Internet access at Rock Lodge?

A. Yes. The club provides free Wi-Fi Internet access to visitors and guests. Members who use the service are charged a small annual fee. Please read our "WiFi Acceptable Use Policy" which is also posted in the Bungalow foyer.

Q. Do you have camping?

A. Rock Lodge Club does not have camping on its grounds. However, nearby Mahlon Dickerson Reservation has wooded sites, with separate tent camping and RV areas. A search of bed and breakfast inns in New Jersey will direct you to several B & B's in nearby Glenwood and Vernon.

Q. Can we bring our pet?

A. Only pets accompanying individuals having accommodations are permitted to be on club grounds (see note below regarding service animals). Before any dog or cat is brought onto Club grounds, documentation of a valid and up-to-date inoculation for rabies must be provided by the owner to the Club, to be kept on file. For the safety and well-being of our members, guest, and visitors (and their pets), we have established a set of Pet Rules.
NOTE: this requirement does not apply to certified service animals. Owners of service animals must provide certification documents upon arrival.

Q. Can I pay by credit or debit card?

A. You can pay with your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express credit card, Debit card, or by cash or check.

Q. What do I need to bring?


  • Photo ID
  • Towels
  • Sun block
  • Sneakers for tennis, volleyball, or hiking
  • Food & beverages
  • Flashlight, if you plan to be at the club after dark

Q. Anything else?

A. If you're not wearing something over your bottom, please sit on your towel. If you lose something, ask where the "lost and found" is located. If you'd like to purchase a souvenir towel, shirt, or other memento, please ask.

To ensure the privacy and comfort of members and visitors, the club has some restrictions regarding photography and cell phone use on the property.

Feel free to ask any of our volunteers who checked you in, or who are on the membership committee any questions you may have about etiquette, club policies, accommodations, etc. Of course, you can ask any one of our friendly members, but you may not always get an accurate answer if they forget something!

Have fun.

Note: some of the information in these FAQs was adapted from AANR. Visit their site for a more comprehensive discussion of social nudity.

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The following rules apply for all pets brought to Rock Lodge:

Only pets accompanying individuals having accommodations are permitted to be on club grounds. This requirement is waived for certified service animals, but owners must provide certification documents upon arrival.

Before any dog or cat is brought onto Club grounds, documentation of a valid and up-to-date inoculation for rabies must be provided by the owner to the Club, to be kept on file.

Dogs are prohibited from entering upon the sand at Sandy Beach at any time during weekends and holidays and from swimming or wading in the lake, except in the area adjacent to the spillway and under their owners' supervision.

Dogs must be on leashes and under their owners' supervision at all times except when in some manner confined to owners' areas, in the yard area immediately adjacent to the Stone House but in no case more than 50 feet from the building, or while swimming under the provisions consistent with #3 above.

When a dog is walked, the owner will be responsible for the prompt removal and sanitary disposal of the dog's leavings.

Dog owners are expressly prohibited from allowing their dogs to disturb the peace and quiet of the community at any time.

Cats must be on a leash between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM during weekends and holidays except when in some manner confined to owners' areas or in the yard area immediately adjacent to the Stone House, but in no case more than 50 feet from the building. If cats are allowed to wander freely about the Club grounds at other times they must wear a bell.

Pet owners are expected to take all precautions to make sure their pets are free from fleas before bringing the pets onto Club grounds.

Any pet owner whose pet violates these rules will receive one (1) warning, which the Board of Trustees will record. Upon the second violation, a fine of Twenty-five dollars ($25) will be levied on the pet owner by the Board of Trustees. Upon the third violation, the pet owner will be prohibited from bringing that pet onto the Club grounds for the remainder of that season.

May 2010.     RLC Board of Trustees

Rock Lodge Club Board of Trustees
Offical Policy Regarduing Body Jewelry:

"In a family-oriented nudist setting, Rock Lodge Club considers genital jewelry to be inappropriate. All other body jewelry should be small, inconspicuous and understated. Any jewelry that attracts a lot of attention is not welcome. The Board of Trustees and Membership Committee reserve the right to enforce this ruling for members, their guests and visitors."


There are many good stores, delis, and restaurants within a short drive of Rocklodge.

Five minutes away, on Route 23 (heading North

Ten minutes away, the Ridge Plaza Shopping Center on Berkshire Valley/White Oak Road (Rt. 699) near Ridge Road

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