Welcome to Rock Lodge Club!
We're happy you're here, and hope you'll consider the place "ours" rather than "theirs." This is a brief run-down of safety and courtesy rules, plus info on cooking, sports, and more. Questions? Feel free to introduce yourself and ask.. We hope you'll enjoy RLC as much as we do.
  • Family-oriented: Use good sense and good taste in your behavior in public areas.
  • We will be naked when we choose to be. Yes, you'll look - but don't stare!
    (It's important that everyone feels comfortable at Rock Lodge.)
  • Towels: If you'll be seated when naked, you should sit on a towel (Also in boats and in the gym).
  • Clean up: Please don't litter our beautiful grounds or leave dirty dishes, etc.
  • Parking: Only where directed by our office person. To allow for many cars, park close to the next car. If in the front row, pull down to the road. Sleeping overnight in your vehicle or in any other public area is not permitted.
  • First-aid kits are in the Bungalow kitchen (top row of lockers) and on Rocky Beach (in the shed).
  • Showers: Communal showers are in the Bungalow kitchen and outside the Bungalow near the upper tennis court. Please keep your showers short; we have quaint wells and pumps that can't deal with too many long showers. (The Lake is great for cooling off!)
  • Front gate: If you order food delivery, be sure you're at the front gate to receive it.
  • Photographs/Videos may be taken only if you have the permission of every person in each shot.
  • Music in public areas: only with headphones.
  • Sexual activity in any public area is grounds for expulsion.
  • Children must be supervised by adults at all times.
  • Children under 12 are not allowed on the beaches unsupervised.
  • In the Lake above waist depth, children under 12 must wear flotation devices.
  • Children's toys are stored at the volleyball court and in a bin at Sandy Beach. Return them when you finish.
  • Nudity is required when swimming in the Lake, but bathing caps are allowed.
  • Safety: There is no lifeguard. Do not swim alone.
  • Children under 12, and anyone who can't swim, must wear a floatation device that is labeled as approved by the U.S. Coast Guard if over waist depth.
  • Chairs, rafts, floats, toys at Sandy Beach and Rocky Beach. Feel free to use anything that doesn't have someone's name on it. Return these where you found them.
  • Don't swim under the rafts or dive from the docks.
  • The Island in the Lake is delicate. Stay off it.
  • No smoking on the Lake Path and on Sandy Beach and Rocky Beach.
  • No glass containers.
  • Boats: see below under "Sports".
  • Nudity is required in the hot-tub and the sauna.
  • Shower with soap before entering the hot-tub. (Swimming in the Lake doesn't count.)
  • Sauna: Turn it on when you wish to use it, and off when you leave. The heat and light switches are to the right of the sauna door.
  • Children under 12 must be with adults in the hot-tub and the sauna.
  • No glass containers in the hot-tub and the sauna.
  • Sauna is open until 11 p.m. except when there's an RLC party; then it's open until 1 a.m. Hot-tub hours of operation are posted on the hot-tub deck.
  • Please observe the rules for the hot-tub posted on the hot-tub deck.
  • Barbecue grills at the Bungalow Patio and Rocky Beach are for use by everyone. Don't forget to turn off the gas after use and clean the grills. Clean any utensils you used and return them where you found them.
  • Refrigerator: the glass-fronted refrigerator in the Bungalow is for everyone's use. Please don't leave any food here when you leave.
  • Coffee maker, microwave, toaster, stove, cooking utensils, plates, glasses: all are available for you in the Bungalow kitchen. Please wash them promptly and return them where you found them (on a busy weekend, others may be waiting!).
  • Alcohol: be discrete and be moderate. If you are not, we will have to ask you to leave.
  • Fishing is permitted except in the swimming areas marked by buoys. Please read our Fishing Rules for more information. They are also posted at the fishing areas.
  • Tennis: Wear appropriate shoes: no sandals or flip-flops, nothing with cleats that will damage the courts. The sign-up board for the upper & lower courts is on the side of the Bungalow facing the Lake. Club racquets and balls are stored in the Bungalow near the upper court; return them where you found them.
  • Badminton court is near the lower tennis court. Equipment is there in a bin.
  • Volleyball: ask for ball.
  • Pickleball lines are on the lower tennis court. Equipment is in a white bin by the court.
  • The Fitness Room, Petanque Court and Horseshoe pits are below the dam road on the dry side.
  • Boats: the rowboats, the kayaks, the pedal-boat and the sailboat are for everyone's use. Return the boats to the place you found them. Boats are allowed in the swimming areas marked by buoys only when you're setting out or returning. Every boat except the sailboat and the kayaks should have flotation cushions (if you don't see any, ask someone where to find them).
  • Hiking: Information on trails and safety suggestions are posted in the Bungalow foyer.
  • Recreation room in the Bungalow: Feel free to use the TV, VCR, DVD player, ping-pong table, piano, games, and books.
  • Only visitors who rent accommodations are permitted to bring pets on the grounds.
  • Pets can swim only at the far end of the dam, near the arched bridge. Please see our Pet Rules for more information.

  • Cell phones: Make or answer calls only in the parking lot.
  • Recycling: Please follow the posted guidelines.
  • Wi-fi is available free. Please read our "WiFi Acceptable Use Policy" which is also posted in the Bungalow foyer.
  • Smoking is allowed only in the parking lot and at the picnic table there, and on the far half of the dam. Dispose of butts appropriately.
  • Overnight accommodations and/or Rock Lodge Club membership: Ask someone on the membership committee or at the office near the front gate.
  • Body jewelry: Genital jewelry is not permitted. All other body jewelry should be small and inconspicuous. Read our official policy regarding body jewelry.
  • Drugs: Possession and/or use of illegal drugs of any kind is grounds for expulsion.
We hope you will let us know what you think about Rock Lodge. Your input is essential to our maintaining Rock Lodge as the wonderful place we want it to be. Thank you so much!
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Download/Print a copy of these GUIDELINES
The following rules apply for all pets brought to Rock Lodge:

Except for certified service animals, only pets accompanying individuals having accommodations are permitted to be on club grounds. Owners of certified service animals must show the certification documents upon arrival.

Before any dog or cat is brought onto Club grounds, documentation of a valid and up-to-date inoculation for rabies must be provided by the owner to the Club, to be kept on file.

Dogs are prohibited from entering upon the sand at Sandy Beach at any time during weekends and holidays and from swimming or wading in the lake, except in the area adjacent to the spillway and under their owners' supervision.

Dogs must be on leashes and under their owners' supervision at all times except when in some manner confined to owners' areas, in the yard area immediately adjacent to the Stone House but in no case more than 50 feet from the building, or while swimming under the provisions consistent with #3 above.

When a dog is walked, the owner will be responsible for the prompt removal and sanitary disposal of the dog's leavings.

Dog owners are expressly prohibited from allowing their dogs to disturb the peace and quiet of the community at any time.

Cats must be on a leash between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM during weekends and holidays except when in some manner confined to owners' areas or in the yard area immediately adjacent to the Stone House, but in no case more than 50 feet from the building. If cats are allowed to wander freely about the Club grounds at other times they must wear a bell.

Pet owners are expected to take all precautions to make sure their pets are free from fleas before bringing the pets onto Club grounds.

Any pet owner whose pet violates these rules will receive one (1) warning, which the Board of Trustees will record. Upon the second violation, a fine of twenty-five dollars ($25) will be levied on the pet owner by the Board of Trustees. Upon the third violation, the pet owner will be prohibited from bringing that pet onto the Club grounds for the remainder of that season.

May 2010.     RLC Board of Trustees

Rock Lodge Club Board of Trustees
Offical Policy Regarduing Body Jewelry:

"In a family-oriented nudist setting, Rock Lodge Club considers genital jewelry to be inappropriate. All other body jewelry should be small, inconspicuous and understated. Any jewelry that attracts a lot of attention is not welcome. The Board of Trustees and Membership Committee reserve the right to enforce this ruling for members, their guests and visitors."

For the entire 2017 season:

All fish are to be immediately released after being caught.

Please don't disturb fish in spawning areas.