Activities | KID-FRIENDLY

The club is a children's natural paradise. Rock Lodge's gated community offers youngsters an opportunity to explore and identify fish and wildlife first hand. Whether it's frogs, wild turkeys, hummingbirds, or chipmunks, they are all part of our local environment.

Children are encouraged to participate in all sporting activities. Many youngsters have learned to swim and play tennis and volleyball at the club. There are playgrounds on both sides of the lake and a waterslide available for fun. Sandy beach is very popular, especially among the very young, with sand castles appearing almost every weekend. Older kids enjoy frolicking on the rafts and exploring the lake in our paddleboat. The more adventurous teens can take out the canoe, rowboats, or sailboat for a spin.

Our annual Family Fun Day provides opportunities for parents and their children to participate together in special family fun and games, finishing off with our Family Fun Party.

Keeping Kids Safe

The safety and security of our children is, of course, our highest priority. Parents are expected to be responsible for supervising their children at all times, but especially around the lake.

We have established rules and guidelines regarding water safety, as well as restrictions on smoking and photography. All new visitors, guests and members are provided with copies of these rules and guidelines and are urged to keep them in mind when visiting the club.

We are truly a community and we all should be alert for any potential problems that can compromise the safety of all our kids.