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Rock Lodge is 145 acres of paradise situated in the Highlands of New Jersey, only 40 miles from Manhattan.

The heart of the club's domain is a spring fed lake which is over 1,000 feet above sea level, where nudists enjoy hot summers in the cool mountain air.

In 1907, A.L.A. Himmelwright, a New York engineer built "The Stone House" which was the first fireproof home erected in the country. This magnificent structure is still used by our members. During the Roaring Twenties the property was a training camp for Jack Dempsey and other boxers, and in 1932 it was established as a nudist club. [read more about our history.]

Today, members enjoy the grounds playing tennis, volleyball, swimming, boating, and just plain lounging. Hiking and biking opportunities abound. The Highlands Trail is a step out the gate. [read more about our sports.]

There are talent shows, lake activities, dancing, barbecues, bring-a-dish parties, arts and craft shows, bonfires and readings where active members enjoy themselves day and night from May through October. While Rock Lodge is very much a family club, represented by several generations, we also welcome single men and women. [read more about our cultural and social activities.]

Rock Lodge Club is incorporated under the laws of New Jersey as a non-profit membership association. We are affiliated with AANR, The Naturist Society, COLA (Coalition of Lakeside Associations), the NY-NJ Trail Conference, and the Friends of Sparta Mountains. We consider the preservation of our environment a priority.