Rates | 2022 - VISITOR RATES

Fees for (Adults: Individuals 18 years old and older) a,b

Base Price (Cash, Check Payment) Fee + Bank Transfer Fee of 1% Fee + Transaction Fee of 3.5% (Applies when Credit, Debit, PayPal, and Venmo used)
Visitor Fee $45 $45.45 $46.62
    a) Children under the age of 18 are  FREE
    b) All prices include sales tax.

Visitors are allowed 4 visits per season before application for membership is required. Upon the fifth visit one becomes eligible for membership, and membership fees, less visit-fees already paid*, are due on that day. Membership applications are reviewed, and must be approved, by the Membership Committee.

*Offer to apply previously paid fees toward new membership is good through July and former members are not eligible.

Daily fees include use of all club facilities
(except overnight room and cabin rentals)

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards, debit/ATM cards, and payments through PayPal as well as direct bank transfers.
All fees are subject to change.

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